Hi This is Arshad Mulla from Sparefoot Real Estate and today I’m going to talk about the looming question of what will happen with the Dubai property market.

I have studied and worked in the USA and moved to Dubai 17 years ago and people thought I was crazy for leaving the US and moving to UAE let me tell you that honestly I feel it is the best decision of my life I was here when the 2008 collapse happened and witnessed it firsthand and let me tell you we are in a much better position with the buy real estate in 2020 than we were then for sure people had bought property by paying 5% down payment with the idea of flipping property and no money to even make the next payment regulations were not in place.

And at that time people lost a lot of money but one thing I noticed even after that time was very interesting people from Abu-Dhabi and Sharjah moved to Dubai those living in second – your neighborhoods of Dubai moved to prime locations and those living in apartments moved to villas and townhouses and people living in villas well they upgraded to bigger and better Villa communities.

I personally think the same pattern is going to repeat itself and hence prime locations and master communities will win big time in the near future remember one thing people will always buy real estate you can feel and touch it and your investment never goes to zero as they say don’t wait to buy real estate buy real estate and wait money in real estate is always made when you buy at the right price we haven’t identified.

The top developments and communities where there will be rental demand and scope for maximum capital appreciation do contact me today to secure a property in Dubai for your family’s future.

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