This is Arshad Mulla your Dubai property specialist.

A lot of my Investors asked me this question over the last 15 years and in fact, it is the most asked question of all time.

Now let me ask you a question do you seriously think that a really good deal will be listed and be available on the property portals for you to find them I’ll tell you one thing for sure that if it’s a great deal it will be sold within a day if not within hours then placed on the market now I’ll tell you one secret and that is that great distress deals don’t even get advertised.

There is a 90% plus chance that if it is advertised that it’s not a distressed deal at all a 15 to 20% discounted deal is not a distress deal for example if the price in the market for a specific property is 500 thousand dirhams then 280 to 300 thousand is a distress deal.

Now you might be wondering that where do you find this kind of deals and I’ll tell you for sure that these deals are found but top-performing agents who are well-connected with investors and have been in the market for a long – have formed great relations in the market my investors are continuously updated by me with offers and promotions and have landed huge profits on their investments contact me today to get an awesome deal in Dubai

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