Off plan property versus resale property in dubai real estate in july 2020.

Hi this is Arshad mulla from Sparefoot Real Estate people ask me how is the property market and for the past 15 years my answer is always the same it is very good.

Well i am not a diplomatic person and i can proudly state that i always speak honestly and with full knowledge and information the reason i always say it’s very good is that sometimes it is a very good market for the seller as buyers are lapping up anything which is good and sometimes it is very good for buyers as sellers are keen to transact and buyers get a very good deal.

Right now in july of 2020 i seriously think it is an extremely good time for buyers where developers and property owners want to sell with extremely good terms and conditions for the buyers off-plan properties are selling with excellent benefits and payment terms offered to buyers and ready properties are being lapped up by buyers who want to upgrade their existing property for a better and bigger property also during covert 19 people realize the value of open spaces and better amenities so there is a definite shift towards townhouse and villas and projects with bigger and better facilities and amenities.

The reason was very clear in consumer demand at the start of the pandemic people instantly saw the value in outside personal spaces and villa and townhouses demand rose significantly week on week.

Also as of now i should tell you that the properties that are selling the most well they are ready or soon to be ready properties with post handover payment plans stretching all the way up to 10 years this kind of payment plan suits an end user who can live in the property and save on rent and make payments towards his own property without taking a loan or paying interest.

This kind of payment plan also suits an investor who can make part payments towards the cost of the property from the rent he receives which eventually brings the buying price of the property down we at square foot have a 360 degree approach where we advise rent sell manage and maintain your property for you so many of our international investors are already enjoying the benefits of dealing with us.

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