Guaranteed rental returns in dubai property. Many investors nowadays asked me about this and i’m sure you would be interested to know about it as well hi this is arshad mulla here from sparefoot real estate in dubai and today i’m going to talk about guaranteed rental returns in dubai property.

This basically means that the developers agree to provide you with a guaranteed return on your investment in SPA now it is important to note that the rental return could be across and service charges could be deducted from the rental amount or it could be a net return to you with the service charges or maintenance charges paid by the developer on your behalf.

There are many options available where you can start getting net rental returns on your property for three to five years from reputed developers where projects are completed or also get the returns during the construction process when you pay a bigger down payment on an off plan project as well we have many projects in different investment brackets that would get you the returns you want and give you peace of mind of not having to depend on the current market for your return on investment.

Now what that means is you will be guaranteed your rental return do contact me today and i assure you that i would get you your preferred property with the amazing roi with my 15 plus years of dubai real estate experience and deep rooted relations with developers.

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