Covid 19 and Dubai Real Estate future this is all that I’ve been hearing for the past 100 days and today we are on July 1st, 2020.

Hi, this is Arshad Mulla from Sparefoot Real Estate and I’ll tell you why currently it’s a buyer’s market with low prices lowest profit rates for Islamic finance, and a favorable loan to value ratio ideally.

Today if you have the cash I can get you the best deal from any developer if you go in for Islamic finance then profit rates are the lowest in the last 10 years and the down payment needed has already been reduced to the lowest it has ever been RERA has been very active and addressing concerns of service charges and reducing it for most communities or developments at least for the short term developers are offering service charge waivers free gadgets and kitchen appliances property prices are most affordable and there is a price correction of at least 15 to 20 percent already applied to the current market.

We have already seen a huge surge of buying activity since lockdown has been lifted and once the flights to UAE resume on the 7th of July we will see a further surge in buying activity I always feel the infrastructure development done by the government is top class and with expo 2020 coming up in 2021

We have an extremely bright outlook for Dubai real estate the health and safety initiatives taken by the government has set an example as the best in the world and will benefit with a lot of people looking for a future associated in some way or format with Dubai and UAE in general.

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