Are you rushing and making a hasty decision in buying dubai property hi this is arshad mulla here from sparefoot real estate many people make hasty decisions in buying property in dubai.

There are many agents who will make you feel that this is the only and the best deal available and if you don’t buy now you will not be able to buy property in dubai at all now i’m not saying that all agents do that but due to lack of experience and knowledge and due to their company’s very aggressive targets they push the buyer into something that is not the best deal at the moment.

I always tell my team to walk away if they feel that there is anything at all that they feel is not correct about the project or the offer also i tell them to always say that i’ll ask and get back to you this is very important as it’s impossible to know everything about every developers every project in dubai.

I think the seasoned investors and genuine buyers appreciate the honest and straightforward approach we don’t set aggressive targets for our team and we make it a point that our agents follow the highest level of ethics that flow from the top management.

Also we make sure that we give any potential buyer multiple options based on his requirement by asking detailed questions and then listing the pros and cons of every offering so that they can make informed and educated decision there are many things to consider like is the buyer looking to make an investment or does he need to buy it to live in it himself is he looking for a post handover payment plan or a guaranteed rental or is he looking to invest and get a uae residence visa.

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